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The advantages of window shutters

Window shutters are a type of window treatment that is predominately used to increase security or to filter sunlight into a home. They can be installed on the inside for easy access or externally to provide protection from weather.


Window shutters have the following advantages:

  • They protect – Interior shutters will protect from the sun and heat during summer and from the wind and cold in the winter. Exterior shutters can help protect windows from exterior hazards such as flying debris caused by strong winds.
  • Allow control of light – Shutters with louvers can be effortlessly adjusted to let varying levels of sunlight through the slats.
  • They give privacy – Shutters give you the ability to easily switch between visible and private and when they are closed you can still adjust the rod to allow light to come in.
  • Added security – Window shutters will come with a lock or latch installed to allow them to be secured or locked to keep them from swinging open. This also gives you an additional layer of security when it comes to your windows, essentially adding second lock.
  • Appearance – Window shutters provide a neat appearance to any home, folding open to expose the full width of a window and when closed showing off the details of the shutter.
  • Safety – One the biggest advantages for having window shutters, is if you have small children or pets. Shutter will allow you to have your window open letting in air and light but without the danger of small children or pets falling or climbing out , minimising risk of accidents.

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